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Greencane - 4 Pack Toilet Rolls

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Greencane 4 Pack Toilet Paper - these rolls are 2-ply, white, soft and extra long being 300 sheets (normal rolls are 220 sheets) = total of 1200 sheets per pack!
These rolls are fast biodegradable with no inks or added fragrances. Greencane is great for your plumbing as it has a shorter fibre and breaksdown faster than traditional papers - therefore it's great if you are on a septic system but still great for council sewage systems too.

Greencane paper is a mix of canes and fibrous residue waste mainly left over after sugarcane has been crushed and the sugar extracted. 70-80% sugarcane waste is blended with certified sustainable timber fibre (recycled paper)and is therefore a strong and remarkabley soft paper. The recycled paper is bleached to remove ink and colours - the method does not use Chlorine based bleaches.

Sustainablity feature: made from sugar cane waste and sustainable timber fibre (recycled paper)
Made in: Asia
ISO14001 quality standard
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