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BioBags - 10 Litres (25 pack)

Biodegradable Bags: BioBags - 10 Litres (25 pack)
NZD $10.00
  and then
Apologies to our customers but their is a shortage in NZ of 10 litre biobags and we will re-list as available. Otherwise check out the Stelo 10 litre biobags with 50 bags per roll as we have a few rolls left in stock.

25 bags per roll

These 10 Litre BioBags bin liners are made from MaterBi cornstarch, which is biodegradable and can be composted. Great for collecting food waste from events for composting later.

For those that want a non-petroleum based rubbish bin liner, the MaterBi cornstarch material is a renewable resource.

Width = 43 cm
Length = 45 cm

Click here to learn more about Mater-Bi.

Sustainability feature: Made from cornstarch 100% biodegradable
Made in: Norway
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