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Author: Rachelle Straus
Publisher Flame Tree Publishing, United Kingdom (2009)

By using nature's way of recycling organic waste, anyone can produce sweet, crumbly compost that can be used all over the garden. This great new book will explain step-by-step how to make and what to do with compost.

Starting with chapter Why Compost?, which explains how composting diverts waste from landfill, replenishes the soil and can improve your physical and mental wellbeing, the book then goes on to explain what you can and can't compost, and why. The chapter How to Compost takes the reader through the composting propcess discussing how 'greens' and 'browns', layering, aerating, temperature and moisture can influence your pile. The numerous varieties of composting bins available and the pros and cons of each are ways of composting; these are covered in Other Ways of Composting. Then comes the fun bit - Using Compost. Whether as mulch, soil improver, as potting compost or in any number of other places, you will discover that you can never have enough compost. The Composting Year describes what to do to your compost heap and with your compost throughout the year. Finally, if you have any problems, from ants to wet and slimy compost, refer to the chapter Composting Problems & Solitions.

Written by an environmental journalist, with informative and accessible text, this is an independable guide to composting for the beginner as well as the experienced gardener.

Soft cover, new (256 pages)
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