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The Sustainable Vegetable Garden

Gardening: The Sustainable Vegetable Garden
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Authors: John Jeavons and Carol Cox
Publisher: Ten Speed Press, United States (1999)

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden presents the basic principles of this gardening classic in concise, easy-to-understand terms accessible to even a beginning backyard gardener. You'll learn to view your garden as its own mini-ecosystem and to foster the soil's life-giving cycles of nourishment and replenishment. By implementing these Biointensive techniques and working in concert with these natural cycles, you'll soon produce yields up to four times greater thank those obtainable with conventional methods, in a fraction of the growing area. And more importantly, you'll be preserving and enriching for future generations one of our most precious resources: the soil itself. Sustainable gardening is an essential environmental solution for the new millennium, and this book help you contribute to that solution - in your own backyard.

Softcover, 118 pages (new)
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