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Forces of Life - The Botanic Man

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Author: David Bellamy
Publisher: Crown Publishers, United States (1979)

David Bellamy, botanist extraordinary, call us Botinc Man because, as he shows in this exciting book, we are totally dependent on green plants for the food we eat, the oxygen we breathem and most of the energy which drives our highly mechanized world.

All the other inhabitants of our planet have learned through 3,500 million years of evolution to be dependent on one another and live as part of a carefully balanced community in which each member performs a role. If it performs well the reward is survival, but if it performs badly the result is extinction - and extinction is forever. Botanic Man has stepped out of the community and exploited and adapted large areas of the living world to suit his own purpose - it this the road to survival or extinction?

Hardcover, 208 pages (used with a little age showing)
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