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The Natural Gardener

Organic: The Natural Gardener
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Editor: Jeffrey Hodges
Publisher: Angus & Robertson, Australia (1995)

An indispensable guide to every aspect of organic gardening, The Natural Gardener intorduces you to the concept of creating a well-designed garden that doesn't rely on harmful and expensive chemicals. Jeffrey Hodges and a team of respected experts show that with a basic knowledge of the relationships between the soil, plants, micro-organisms, and minerals, you will be able to encourage a self-sustaining garden ecosystem.

Practical information is given on how to establish an organic gardenm even if you're starting with unpromising material. Using the advice in this book, you can even create a productive garden in a desert!

Good gardening practice is about observing and understanding how a natural ecosystem works. By 'listening' to your garden, you will be ablelto work in harmony with Nature, instead of against her. Not only that, but you'll be rewarded with healthier, stronger crops adnd ornamental flowers, an increased diversity of birds, insects, and soil life in your garden, and a safer place for you and your children.

Softcover, 276 pages (used)
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