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Organic Year

Organic: Organic Year
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Author: Patricia Gallimore
Publisher: BBC, United Kingdom (2000)

A Guide to Organic Living

Organic food has rapidly developed as an alternative to food produced by intensive farming methods. With many concerns surrounding food production, Organic Year sets out to explain the issues.

Through visits to organic farms, manufacturers and food supploiers, supplemented by practical information for the shopper and grower, Patricia Gillimore guides us through the organic year. She talks to some of the key people in the organic community - farmers such as Rachel Rowlands of Rachel's Dairy and food suppliers like Lizzie Vann of Baby Organix - and tells their stories, highlighting their success and their devotionto organic farming methods and living.

Organic Year also focuses on the products themselves - vegetables, fruit, milk and meat among others - to answer pertinent questions such as: What is in the food we eat? How is it produced? Why is organic farmin kinder to us, our animals and our environment?

Offering invaluable ifnormation and advice, Organic Year is a comprehensive start-up guide to organic living.

Soft cover, 192 pages (used)
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