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Busienss and Society - Corporate strategy, public policy, ethics

Sustainable Business: Busienss and Society - Corporate strategy, public policy, ethics
  and then
Authors: James E Post, Anne T Lawrence, and James Weber
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, United States (2002)

Explore the complex relationship between modern business and ist stakeholders with the market leader...

For more than 30 years Business and Society has maintained the standard of excellence in its field. The 10th edition is no different as Post, Lawrence, and WEber devle into business's role in today's society, corporate ethical and social responsibility in the 21st century, and the role of government in the global economy.

Areas for sustainable business interest include:
* Chapter 3 Corporate Social Responsibility (20 pages)
* Chapter 4 Socially Responsive Management (21 pages)
* Chapter 10 Ecology, Sustainable Development and Global Business (21 pages)
* Mananaging Environmental Issues (22 pages)
* Chapter 16 The Community and the Corporation (26 pages)

Hardback, 634 pages (Used)
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