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Corporate Social Opportunity

Sustainable Business: Corporate Social Opportunity
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Authors: David Grayson and Adrian Hodges
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing, United Kingdom (2004)

Grayson and Hodges challenge perceived wisdom that adherence by business to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a zero-sum game where the impact on companies is added costs and extra regulatory burden.

From their unique vantage point working with leaders of global businesses and of local communities, the authors explain how powerful drivers forcing companies to adopt stringent social, ethical and environmental standards simultaneously create largely untapped opportunities for product innovation, market development and non-traditional business models.

The key to exploiting these opportunities lies in building CSR into business strategy, not adding it on to business operations,
With examples from 200 companies to illustrate their case, they outline both in theory and practice a seven-step process managers can apply to assess the implications of CSR on their business strategy and identify their own corporate social opportunities.

Paperback, 390 pages, (as new)
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