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10,001 Timesaving Ideas

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Publisher: Readers Digest (2008)

Saving time is allabout streamlining your life - in the home, at work, in the garden or gettin gout and about. Inside 10,001 Timesaving Ideas, you'll learn all the cleve tips and tricks that enable you to spend less time organising and maintaining your life, and more time enjoying it!

Speed cleaning - You don't need to spend hours cleaning - follow our handy shortcuts and get it all done in record time.

Timesaving gadgets - Find out what the best kitchen gadgets are to cut down on preparation and cooking time.

Fix a leak - Before calling the plumber, try our quick-and-easy hints for finding the source of the leak and then fix it for yourself in no time.

Plan ahead - Find out how to organise your life for maximum time efficiency by plannin, using a variety of tools from calanders and memo pads to PDAs and mobile phones.

Sharpen your search skills Discover incredibly simple but clever tips for saving time while surfing the net. No specialist knowledge required!

What to plant where? - Follow our insider's guide to the best trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, herbs and vegetables to plant and reap the benefits of a low-maintenance garden.

Hard cover, 446 pages (new)
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