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365 Ways to Change the World

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Author: Michael Norton
Publisher: Penguin, Australian edition (2006)

You want to change the world? Of course you do. But where do you begin?

Packed with ideas from leading campaign organisations for conservation and social justice, this ingenious handbook shows how even the smallest changes can impact on your home, your community, your county and wider world.

It suggests one action for every day of the year, most of which can be planned or done from home. All the activities are inspiring and most are fun and easy to do. Here are just a few.

  • support trade justice: buy fairtrade tea and coffee
  • avoid landfills: 'freecycle' stuff you no longer need
  • sow seeds of a green revolution: become a guerrilla gardener
  • go unshopping: list ten things you'll never buy again
  • do something about poverty: organise a 'dinner for life'

    Soft cover, 383 pages (new)
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