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The Green Consumer Guide

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Authors: John Elkington & Julia Hales with forward by Anita Roddick
PublisherVictor Gollancz Ltd, United Kingdom (1988)

How to buy products that don't cost the earth

Every day, whether shopping for simple necessities or luxury items, our consumer choices affect the environment. Yet most of us are unaware of the positive influence we can exert through our spending power. The Green Consumer Guide is uniique in bringing together, in one easy-to-use handbook, the vital facts on a wide range of products. Wherever you shop, it will tell you which products to avoid and direct you to attractive, cost competitive and easily available alternatives.

There is incredible information in this book that can teach you about decision making with you purchasing dollar, The product names might be outof date, but the lessons to be learnt are not.

Softcover, 342 pages (Used)
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