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30 Litre BioFilm Biodegradable Bag

Recycling & Waste Minimisation: 30 Litre BioFilm Biodegradable Bag
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The 30 Litre BioFilm Biodegradable Bags allows food waste to be stored tidily until it can be placed into a compost bin.

The BioFilm Biodegradable Bag measures 54 cm deep, 25 cm wide with gussets of 12 cm (making total circumference around 98 cm in total).

Simply place foodwaste in the 30 litre BioFilm Biodegradable Bag lining in a container, take the bag to your worm farm or compost bin and tip the bag upside down to empty the foodwaste and place the Biodegradable Bag in the compost with the food waste. Pouring the foodwaste out enable the tiger worms in your worm farm to access the food waste faster. In around 45 days the bags should have begun to break down into nuturiants for the compost, just like food.
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