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Outdoor & Deck - 1 litre

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1 litre

Remove moss and mold for a great looking deck.

Add one part Outdoor & Deck Cleaner to 5 parts water in a bucket or full strength into your water blaster bottle, apply to your deck or outdoor furniture and leave to soak for a few minutes, agitate the area or furniture a brush, now simply rinse in fresh water and let dry.

Earth Angel provides a range of alternatives that are caring for you and the environment.

Uses and dilution rates:

  • 1:1 kill lichen moss/mould
  • 1:2 tyre marks from concrete
  • 1:2 algae from brick/concrete
  • 1:5 mould stains timber
  • 1:5 stains or dirt from concrete
  • 1:30 fungal stain from wall
  • 1:50 for house paintwork outside
  • 1:200 outboard motors
  • 1:200 washing boats/cars

Active ingredients:
Sodium metasilicate, sodium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hydroxide, alpha olefin sulphonate, coconut diethanolamide, propylene glycol alcohol.

Sustainability feature: Safer alternative
Made in: New Zealand
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