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Soap Nuts 500g

Global Soap: Soap Nuts 500g
NZD $25.00
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Earth Friendly Laundry Soap - a biodegradable, economical, sustainable product that naturally washes your clothes.

Soap Nuts are native to Nepal & India where they have been used for centuries. They are actually a fruit, growing on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The fruits are the size of a honey coloured cherry, containing the substance Saponin - which is natures own detergent. When the fruit ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest and deseed them. The shell of the fruit is then dried in the sun, using absolutely no chemical or manufacturing processes.

"The Soap Nuts are now ready to wash your laundry with!"

When the Soap Nuts come into contact with water they make mild suds.

Place 4-6 soap nuts in the wash bagg.
Place the bags in the washing machine with your laundry.
Remove the wash bag at the end of the wash.
Shells can be used 3-6 times - then just toss them in your compost bin!
You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the wash bag.
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