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Logical Living Power Clean - 1 litre

Logical Living Cleaning Range: Logical Living Power Clean      - 1 litre
NZD $15.00
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1 litre

Logical Living provides a range of alternatives that are safer to you and the environment.

Logical Living Power Clean is a conventrated cleaner for use in a wide variety of cleaning applications.

1:1 for degreasing
1:5 for cleaning wood decks or concrete, kitchen ceilings
1:10 for heavy cleaning
1:20 for floor cleaning, spray and wipe applications
1:150 for house, vehicle and window washing

Active ingredients:
Sodium metasilicate, sodium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hydroxide, alpha olefin sulphonate, coconut diethanoiamide, propylglycol alchol.

Sustainability feature: Safer alternative
Made in: New Zealand
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