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Sage Kowhai V-Neck Organic T-Shirt

T-Shirts: Sage Kowhai V-Neck Organic T-Shirt
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T-shirts that are great for the planet and great for you.

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Look good and feel good that you made an informed choice.

The clean green shirt company believe in making great t-shirts and looking after our planet. That's why they make 100% Certified Organic Cotton T-Shirts.

What is organic cotton?
Organic cotton is the version of its conventional counterpart grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other nasties, and that make it hugely different. Conventional cotton is one of the most chemically-dependent crops, sucking up to 10 percent of all agricultural chemicals and 25 percent of insecticides on 3 percent of our arable land; that's more than any other crop per unit. That adds up to 150 g of chemicals to produce enough cotton for just one t-shirt.

What is different about the clean green shirt company?
They import raw 100 percent certified organic cotton. Then in New Zealand they scour, knit, dye, cut, sew, design, print and supply these t-shirts to you. 100 percent certified organic cotton and made in Sweatshop Free conditions.

Great for the planet and great for you.

Sustainability Features: Made from organic cotton
Made in: New Zealand
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