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Worm Farm - 3 Layers (excludes worms)

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This worm farm has:
* 2 layers for food waste to be placed into for worm composting (green layers)
* 1 liquid collection with tap to collect the liquid fertiliser

Place the worm farm on top of bricks or old terracotta pots or concrete blocks to enable access to the tap.

Each layer is 42.5cm x 45cm x 20 cm deep, so 1 x black liquid layer and 2 x green food waste layer = around 60 cm high. The worm farm bins stack into each other with the lids on top for easy delivery.

***** Note: most Mega Mitre 10's or other garden centres sell boxes of worms - we recommend you purchase when you are ready or ask a friend who has a worm farm if you can have 3 scoops of soil and worms from their worm farm to get you started. *****


  • Worm Farm Instructions
  • Telephone support will be provided to assist you establish your worm farm, which can take 4-6 months (for you to form good habits and for the worms to increase their population to the right level).

Sustainablity feature Stops organic matter going to landfill
Made in: New Zealand, black parts 100% recycled plastic, green parts at least 50% recycled
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