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Zing Bokashi - 1 Bucket Set and 1 Bag of Compost-Zing

Zing Bokashi: Zing Bokashi - 1 Bucket Set and 1 Bag of Compost-Zing
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1 Zing Bokashi Compost Sets (15 litres) including 1 Bag of Compost-Zing

The Zing Bokashi system consists of just a few simple elements so it’s really easy to use:

Two buckets nested one upon the other. The outermost bucket has tight fitting lid and the inner bucket has holes in the bottom to allow for drainage of any liquids into the outer bucket. This is drained regularly during the fermentation period.

A bag of Compost-Zing which when added to kitchen waste starts the fermentation process.

A welcome pack introducing you to the system plus a free instruction guide.

Compost-Zing is a unique in-house product used to recycle your kitchen waste into an organic soil conditioner. It consists of plant by-products inoculated and fermented with EM (Effective Micro-organisms). EM is a complex culture of naturally occurring beneficial organisms which have a reviving effect on the environment. They help balance the micorbial ecology of the soil when your fermented kitchen waste is added to the soil. They also help supply nutrients to your garden.

For more information on how the Zing Bokashi system composts food waste, click here

Sustainability feature: reduces waste to landfill
Made in: New Zealand
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