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Smart Light - 25 Watt Warm

$35.00 $25.00
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Burn time: 8,000 hours
Warranty: 12 months
Range: 8 metres
Equivalent: 125 W

Note: Not suitable for dimmers

The sensor light is a compact fluorescent light that is economical to run and turns itself on when you enter and off when you leave the room.

The sensor light automatically turns on and stays on with the movement of people in its detection zone. The sensor light turns off after a preset duration of 10 seconds to 5 minutes when no movement is detected.

The LUX sensor detects the light level in the room and the control allows you to choose at what light level the sensor starts to work.

Hotels, Hallways, Toilets, Garages, Wardrobes, Kids bedrooms, Sheltered porch areas. Anywhere that continuous light is not required

Sustainability features: reduces energy usage
Made in: China
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