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Green Cone

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Green Cone is the elite in food waste digesters. The Green Cone takes all food waste – cooked and uncooked food including meat, fish, bones, bread, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. This system is what the manufacturers call a “solar-powered” digester. If situated in a sunny part of your garden the Green Cone system will work 365 days of the year, using heat from the sun it creates a trap of circulating air that increases the bacteria growth – thereby digesting your food quickly and turning it into a rich soil conditioner.

The Green Cone is easy to use when set up according to the instructions. It is virtually maintenance free and the waste requires no turning/digging, lifting or shifting anything – over 90% of food waste will be absorbed as water into the soil and thereby Nutrients are absorbed straight into the ground. Over 150,000 Green Cones have been sold throughout the UK, USA and Canada where in some cases it has been in operation for 20 years.
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