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Techzyme - 1 litre

Green Cone: Techzyme - 1 litre
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Techzyme gives nature's air,earth and water purifying bacteria a much needed boost to function in out overloaded environment. It helps nature's own cleaning process to break down food waste into nature's own basic building blocks, carbon dioxide, water and other minerals. Techzyme therefore boost natures continuous recycling system.

Safe, proven, natural product.

Techzyne is made from plant extracts. It is prepared by a process that preserves the potency of cell stimulants, obtained from plants. A stabilised component from this plant extract attaches to a special site on the bacterial protein, the allosteric site ('switch site'); to immediately boost the purifying activities of the bacteria. Techzyme therefore works by giving nature a hand up.

Used at extremely low rates, it will increase the metabolic behaviour of the micro-organisms to high activity levels. Techzyme stimulates the activity of natural bacteria to produce enzymes that break down food waste back into carbon dioxide, water and nutrients.

Techzyme formulations are totally organic. The formulations are proven to be non toxic and environmentally benign. Techzyme is completely broken down in the environment in less than 7 days. No residue or activity persists in the environment.
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