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Food Waste Air Bin and Biodegradable Bags

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The Food Waste Air Bin and BioFilm Bags - 8 Litres allow food waste to be stored tidily with no smell. Normally food begins to breakdown and smell as it sits on the bottom of a container. By aerating the food waste, it prevents it begining to decompose quickly, which in turn creates the smelly and mouldy mess most people associate with colecting food waste for composting.

Simply place foodwaste in the 8 litre BioFilm Bag lining the Food Waste Air Bin. When it is full, take the bag to your worm farm or compost bin and tip the bag upside down to empty the foodwaste and place the Biodegradable Bag in the compost with the food waste. Pouring the foodwaste out enable the tiger worms in your worm farm to access the food waste faster. In around 45 days the bags should have begun to break down into nuturiants for the compost, just like food.

The Biodegradable Bags are made our of Mater-Bi, a cornstarch alternative to plastic. The BioFilm 8 Litre Bags are also available separately for purchase.

Sustainability feature: Supporting compost, and the bag is made from cornstarch, not oil.
Made in: Norway
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