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Cherish Eco-Wipes

Other Products for Baby: Cherish Eco-Wipes
NZD $55.00
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1 x 2.5 litre bucket with a lid, 20 soft towelling wipes, 1 x 10ml bottle of essential Tea Tree oil.

Cherish Eco-Wipes are the baby-friendly and planet-friendly way for you to clean your baby’s bottom.

Made of soft cotton towelling, they are better for your baby, for your wallet and for the environment.

Cherish Eco-Wipes use everyday tap water and Tea Tree oil, known for its antiseptic qualities.

- Half fill the pail with water, add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil, and throw in a couple of wipes.
- Keep the rest of the wipes stacked close by.
- When they’re needed simply squeeze out most of the water and use.
- Wash, dry and stack – ready to use again.

Sustainability feature: reusable
Made in: New Zealand
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