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Raceview - Baby Gift Pack

Other Products for Baby: Raceview - Baby Gift Pack
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Raceview Products - Handmade Herbals are produced in Central Otago using raw materials from the area and throughout New Zealand. All of the ingredients are 100% natural i.e. no synthetic preservatives, colours, fragrances or petrochemicals.

As such they do benefit from some special care:

Baby Body Lotion 60 ml - Moisturise your littleone with this gentle and smoothling lotion. Softly rub into the skin, especially just after a bath.

Made from - jojoba cream base, lavender and chamomile hydrosol, essential oils or lavender, chamomile and mandrin.

Bottom Balm 30 ml - This is a very gentle balm which you can use directly on your baby or infants bottoms. It is great for nappy rash and also for gentle topical burns.

Made from - olive oil, bees wax, infused oils of comfrey, hypericum and calendula, lavender essential oil.

Calendula Balm 15 ml - A soft and soothing balm which is ideal for the treatment of inflamed skin and great for cracked nipples. It can also be used for dribble rash and around babes' mouths.

Made from - infused oils of calendula and chamomile, and beeswax

Sustainability feature: All Natural Ingredients
Made in: New Zealand
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