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Self-Power Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger

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THIS TORCH NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES and charges your mobile phone!!!!

This is a top-quality flashlight that is powered by a patented Dynamo system, meaning it does not require batteries. You simply wind the handle to create your own power.

1 minute of winding =

30 minutes brilliant spotlight or
2 hours normal torch light or
2 months standby light

5 minutes of winding will give you light all night.

All torches have an internal adaptor that enables you to charge your mobile phone wherever you might be.

Standby Lighting that lasts for up to one year and helps you find your torch in total darkness.

All torches are water resistant and will float for short period of time.

A one year warranty applies. This model is only available in grey.

The free connection cable included fits most Nokia phones and some other brands, email Earth Angel through Contact Us to check whether your mobile needs an adaptor to charge your model.

Made in: China
Sustainability feature: Self-charging energy source

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