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Recycled Plastic Chicken - Red

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Recycled plastic bags turned into whimsical animals in the hands of South African crafts people. Bright, funny and so ecologicall correct!

They are made by a company started with a mission to reduce the unemployment situation in the country and be instrumental in empowering people, particularly those with few formal sector skills. They see waste as a 'new raw material' and believe that with the creative talent that aboutns in their land these materials will be saved before reaching the landfill sites and be transformed while giving gainful employment to crafters nationwide. This has resulted in a multi-award winning collective of crafters representing HIV.AIDS programmes, leprosy missions, church groups and individuals who join hand to work together for an improved future.

By supporting this we directly assist local families as well as the nation's endeavours to conserve the environment.

Sustainability feature: Resource reuse
Made in: South Africa
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