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EZPZ Modern Cloth Nappy - Red

Let's Reuse: EZPZ Modern Cloth Nappy - Red
insert folded into 3
insert folded into 3
NZD $25.00
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Outer: Red
Inner: White
Snaps: White

Throw away those safety pins, as modern cloth nappies are easy to use. They come with a double row of snaps to make it easy to adjust to fit your baby. They will fit from 6 weeks until 3 years so should last until toilet training. These nappies have an adjustable rise and are not bulky like the old fashioned nappies were.

The outside of the nappy is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate). This helps to keep the outside fabric dry to stop leaks. The inside is lined with micro fleece which is a stay dry fabric. Because it is not a natural fabric it does not absorb any moisture. This means that when used as the layer next to the baby'e skin the moisture passes straight through into the absorbant part of the nappy, away from your baby's bottom. This helps to keep baby's bottom dry.

Each nappy comes with onr micro fibre insert. The insert is the absortant part of the nappy and is placed in a pocket between the PUL and the micro fleece layers. We have found the micro fibre insert particularly good but you could use your old flat cloth nappies.

The great thing about pocket nappies is the you can add extra inserts for added absorbancy. At night I would recommend an extra insert made of hemp.

These nappies are very easy to care for. They require no soaking. They are fast drying and best of all they will save you a lot of money over time.

If you wish to use pocket cloth nappies all the time then you will need 12-20 depending on the age of your baby. You can begin buying one pocket nappy at a time or a whole set. You can choose from the EZPZ pocket nappies available or through a special order and choose the colours you would like.

Sustainability feature: reusable
Made in: New Zealand
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