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What happens when food waste goes to landfill?
Food waste and Garden waste (Organic material) make up around 40 to 44% of our waste sent and packed into landfill each year (this includes food waste that is insinkerated as this is screened out and sent to landfill). Food waste decomposes very fast in landfill under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen) and turns into methane gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping capacity of carbon dioxide (CO2) this traps the heat within the Earth’s atmosphere leading to global warming. Landfills are the largest source of human created methane. Methane is quickly released into the atmosphere – it can take between 28 and 100 days for landfill food scraps to be released. Organic materials also contribute to landfill leachate which can contaminate groundwater systems.

The Good News = Composting/worm farms/green cones etc do not form methane gas as the waste material has access to the air which prevents methane from forming.

How to deal with Food Scraps:

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