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Survey Results from Bizzone: Thank you to everyone who participated.

1. What do you do with your Food Waste?
• 38% - Compost
• 36% - Rubbish
• 15% - In-Sinkerate
• 4% - worm farm
• 3% - feed to chickens, pigs, incinerate, or feed the cat
• 3% - gave no answer
• 1% - Bokashi

2. Do you use Energy Saver Light bulbs / Fluorescents? Yes / No. Are you interested to know how you can 100% recycle Energy Saver Light bulbs & Fluorescents? Yes / No
• 81% of people surveyed use eco bulbs – 71% did want to know, 19% didn’t answer re recycling, 10% didn’t want to know about recycling them.
• 10% didn’t answer either question
• 9% don’t use eco bulbs but want to know how to recycle them.

3. Have you heard of Potato or Corn Starch products that can be used instead of Plastic plates - Would you like to find out more about them? Yes / No
• 71% said they had heard of them and wanted to know more about them
• 27% said hadn’t heard of them and didn’t want to know more about them
• 2% didn’t answer question.

4. Are you interested in buying safe alternative cleaning products for your home or business? Yes/No
• 82% people want to use safer alternative cleaners
• 13% said they didn’t
• 5% didn’t answer the question.

5. Did you know the service LOVEnotes provides inspires fresh thinking and educates, we recycle your paper and fill your stationery cupboard - Would you be interested in doing this Yes / No
• 57% said that they wanted to know more about this process
• 34% said they didn’t
• 9% didn’t answer the question.

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