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We have sourced several types of bags that enable you to avoid the use of plastic bags.
Our Bags have been made from recycled material or organic material or simply have an "eco" message and are reusable time and time again.

Tips: Give yourself a challenge next time you go out shopping - take bags with you and say no when you make your purchase to having your item in a plastic bag supplied by the sales assitance - just ask for the reciept and place your items in your bag, then if you are asked for proof of payment it is easy to find. (The challenge is to make sure you don't have any plastic bags by the end of your shopping day - it's not easy!)

Offer to hold your bag open as your checkout operator packs your groceries - they'll appreciate this.


Bottle Bags

Cloth Bags

Mielie Bags

Funky Bags

Quotable Bags

Kiwiana Carry Bags


DYRT - Recycled Billboard Bags

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