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Save the Planet - Save Energy

Childrens' Books: Save the Planet - Save Energy
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Author: Claire Llewellyn
Publisher: Chrysalis Children's Books, United Kingdom (2003)

We live on an amazing planet. As far as we know the Earth is the only place in the whole universe where life is found. But this precious planet is under threat ...

How long will the oil, gas and coal that we burn for energy last? What is global warming? Are there better ways of making and using energy? The answers to these and many other questions about saving energy are explored in this colourful and informative book for young readers.

Topics include:
* What is energy?
* Where does it come from?
* Global warming
* Using energy at school
* A better way of using energy
* Saving energy in the home
* Recycling saves energy
* Look at transport
* Getting around
* A better way to get around
* Other kinds of energy
* Small actions, big results
* Over to you!
* Glossary

Hardcover, 32 pages (new)
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