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Down to Earth

Sustainable Business: Down to Earth
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Author: Forest L Reinhardt
Publisher: Harvard Business School Press (2000)

It is time for environmental management, long the exclusive province of specialists, to join the corporate mainstream. Firms large and small feel mounting pressure from government regulators, environmental organisations, and community groups to improve their environmental performance, while earnings pressure from shareholders continues unabated. Uncertainty about how to approach these issues only heightens the tension, leaving executives with big worries and little practical information - until now.

The dolution? Executives should stop delegating such matters to scientific or social experts, says Forest Reinhardt. Instead, they should apply the fundamental economic principles they would instinctively bring to bear on other business problems, integrating environmental concerns into basic business planning in ways that both enhance environmental performance and create competitive advantage.

In Down to Earth, Reinhardt helps executives find ways to accomodate environmental performance and deliver superior returns to their shareholders.

Here, executives who may have felt put off by literature they view as overly scientific, regulatory, or moralistic will find surprisingly accessibly, responsible, and realistic solutions to environmental problems. down to Earth explains how executives can improvement their management of such problems, drawsing on familiar principles from strategy, finance, and marketing. Examples from businesses as diverse as DuPont, Xerox, and Patagonia show how companies can use this commonsense approach to turn environmental concerns into powerful competitive advantages.

Hardcover, 290 pages (new)
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